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  • Summer PD Series: Teaching AP Chemistry to the New Curriculum with Anthony Stetzenmeyer

Summer PD Series: Teaching AP Chemistry to the New Curriculum with Anthony Stetzenmeyer

  • July 12, 2023
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • A virtual meeting

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The College Board has updated its AP chemistry curriculum since 2019 and has been rolling out new resources and supports for teachers. The AP chemistry exam -post 2019- is very different than in previous years. The content requires students to connect concepts together in order to master the material. Being able to come up with a pacing and style of teaching will be very important to keep both you and your students successful. Experienced AP Chemistry teacher Anthony Stetzenmeyer will  share how he teaches AP chemistry - and he will also offer resources to beginning teachers to supplement their teaching. By the end of the session Anthony will provide participants time to look through resources and start planning and organizing their curriculum for the upcoming academic year.

Presenter Bio:

Anthony Stetzenmeyer has been been teaching chemistry for 10 years and currently serves as the chair of the science department at Belleville High School in Belleville, MI. Throughout this time, he has taught AP chemistry, regular chemistry and organic chemistry classes to high school students. In the last six years, Anthony has adopted the modeling curriculum for his chemistry classroom. The modeling curriculum is a completely different approach to teaching, chemistry and focuses on engaging students with phenomena and a model of matter to build on. It is through this curriculum, he has developed ways to engage students practically in the phenomena involved in chemistry.

Anthony is also a Senior Fellow associated with Knowles Teacher Initiative and attributes a great deal of his professional development through this fellowship. Working with Knowles has allowed him to connect with other science and math teachers across America to think critically on teaching practices.

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