Teaching Tips

Learning Chemistry in an Era of Social Distancing

All the presentations and materials presented at the May 2020 Southern Division Meeting "Learning Chemistry in an Era of Social Distancing" are available in this Google Folder

LeChatelier’s Principle – A Simple Equilibrium Demonstration Using Cobalt(II) Chloride

Students can visualize Lechatelier's Principle after completing this simple experiment.  It can also be used as a demonstration.
The downloadable handout is available under "Event Downloads" from the 525th Division Meeting.
Contributed by Dr. Mark M. Turnbull, Professor of Chemistry, Clark University

Mahjong Chemistry

Matching games for chemistry review, from the chemistry department at Stetson University.

Nylon Rope Trip

Complete instructions for the nylon rope trip...includes tips on using polymers to teach stoichiometric ratios and limiting reagents

Off the Shelf Chemistry--Laboratory Experiments

The experiments presented here were designed to use consumer products for student labs.

Sample Syllabus for a Chemistry in Art Course

A sample syllabus for a "Chemistry in Art" course, generously shared by Dr. Cheryl Coolidge

Science Jeopardy

Create a Jeopardy game!

Teaching the Gas Laws

Approach the gas laws using an inquiry approach that draws on the Next Generation Science Standards.

The SHiPS Resource Center assists science teachers with the incorporation of sociology, history and philosophy of science into classes at a variety of grade levels.