UMass Amherst Summer 2018 Online Professional Development for Chemistry Teachers


UMass Amherst Summer 2018 Online Professional Development for Chemistry Teachers

UMass Amherst is offering a six week on-line course to allow teachers to explore exciting current topics in chemistry.  A primary focus is to assist teachers with the development of curriculum materials, which may be used to enrich their current chemistry courses. 
UMass Amherst Summer Course--Natural Science 690E

  • Progressive Chemistry Topics:  Research, Lesson Design and Laboratories
  • Dates:  June 18 through July 27, 2018

Topics will include:  electrochemistry, atomic structure and quantum theory, sustainable energy sources, material science and green chemistry, using energy as a unifying theme.  The course will also explore current research in chemical eduation related to conceptual understanding.  Topics will be covered in depth to allow for extensions at the AP level and beyond.  Each of these areas can be adjusted to meet the needs of individcual teachers and their classrooms, in close collaboration with the course instructor.
Learning will take place through on-line instruction, reading of current literature and texts, videos, group discussion, laboratory activities, and problem solving.  The course is designed to build and foster a collaborative and supportive community of practice among the class participants, as they will be expected to engage in inquiry, provide feedback, and to share reflections on experiences and teaching methodologies.  The course is designed to help high school teachers explore current chemistry topics, which have important implications for society, and to deepen content knowledge to facilitate instruction in these areas.

For more information about the course please contact Dr. Deborah Carlisle at or Dr. Steve Schneider at