Spring and Summer 2019 Modeling Workshops


Spring and Summer 2019 Modeling Workshops

Spring and Summer 2019 Modeling Workshops 
AMTA is pleased to offer these courses for Spring and Summer 2019 and we would appreciate it if you can share the information below with your network: 

Chemistry II (for people who have taken first semester chemistry already) 
Brenda Royce and Larry Dukerich will lead the class, which runs from 1-22-2019 till 4-10-2019, from 7 to 10 pm EST. 
For details and registration: https://www.eweblife.com/prm/AMTA/rsvp-signup/apply?record=1234 

Intro to Modeling (Designed as a first Modeling Course) 
The course will meet twice a week; on Monday and Wednesday January 15- April 25, 2019, with leaders Janelle Hollingshead and Matthew Kennedy . 
For details and registration: https://www.eweblife.com/prm/AMTA/rsvp-signup/apply?record=1236 

Advanced Modeling Instruction: Cognition and Instruction in STEM 
The seminar is meant for Modelers and will be led by Colleen Megowan-Romanowicz. The class meets from 01/17/2019 - 05/02/2019. 
For details and registration: https://www.eweblife.com/prm/AMTA/rsvp-signup/apply?record=1235 

The 2019 face-to-face Modeling Workshops are posted on the website as we receive the information. Workshops have been planned for Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts and Ohio: https://modelinginstruction.org/professional-development/upcoming-workshops/summer-2019/ . Workshops are scheduled for physics, chemistry, biology, middle school and physical science.