Laboratory Safety Institute Courses


Laboratory Safety Institute Courses

The Laboratory Safety Institute Courses
The Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI) in Natick has been providing laboratory safety training to lab professionals around the world for almost 40 years. As part of their non-profit mission, we offer training in laboratory safety for K-12 educators teaching science, art, and technology. Our courses Science in the Secondary School Laboratory and Science Safety in the Elementary Classroom are offered every month. The full schedule and other important details are on LSI website

The next Science in the Secondary School Laboratory is scheduled for November 8th. K-12 eligible teachers may apply for discounts which reduce the cost of this program from $495.00 to just $99.00. This intensive one-day seminar covers the fundamentals of lab safety while addressing the most critical safety issues in our school science laboratories and classrooms. Legal safety standards and professional prudent practices will be a basis for much of the discussion.Topics include: scope of the problem, accidents, legal aspects, emergency planning, chemical handling, chemical storage, biological and animal hazards, eye and face protection, hazardous waste management, electrical safety and safety program planning. 

Science in the Elementary Classroom is next scheduled for December 6th, discounted for K-12 eligible teachers from $495.00 to $99.00. This one-day seminar covers the principles and concepts of science safety for elementary (K-6) science teachers, presents the New Standard for Safety in the Elementary Science Classroom, and provides a practical approach to including health and safety in the elementary science curriculum. 

As part of their non-profit mission to Teach, Learn, and Practice Science Safely, LSI provides eligible teachers and college students discounts to a number of our courses. In addition, participants may be eligible for CUEs and graduate credit.